Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Clothes Pin Rubber Band Guns. For Christmas!

I actually cancelled going to class tonight.  I'm too stressed out!  And I'm going to get in trouble if I don't fix something at my internship and slow down and relax. 

So I stayed home.  And made Christmas presents for my children.

Tonight I made two clothes-pin rubber band guns for my kids.

I usually just "eyeball" stuff and it works out.  So you can look at my hands and guestimate the size of things or by the size of the clothespins but, here we go.

This took three sweet, wonderful hours of work of just....being a guy.....being a dad.

Started with a 2x6 and cut it to about a foot lenghth and traced "musket" type designs on them.   Cut them out with a jig-saw, and used my drill press to drill a 5/8" hole for the trigger guard and it looked like this after I got done sanding it.

Then after rounding things out, I had to find a way to attach them to the top and I'm kind of picky when I do woodwork.  I have this thing where....I don't like to use nails or screws.  I like them to be made entirely of wood! 

So I came up with an idea.  Since clothespins are really small and I got a really sweet drill press (complete with laser-sight-pointer with a laser-x-marks-the-spot) when my dad passed in March, I decided to use.....MATCHES!  For the wooden pegs and then just use some wood glue to hold it all together. 

So here it is with the matches not yet sanded down but pegged and glued holding the clothes pins on.

And then I sanded those down and put the rest of it on!  Like THIS!

And how to make it work on the front end?  Well....I could put a notch, but that carries its own issues because I either need two notches in the guns for two rubber bands, or.....I know!  I'll put two dowel rods sticking out of the front and you hook the rubber bands over them!

And voila!  This is it, "locked and loaded."

Next I'm going to makes some targets but I have to pick my son up from scouts and I have to be back at the hospital for my internship tomorrow. 

Anyways, my wife tried it and said she LOVED it. Actually she said she wants one. I've seen some other ones that are pretty spiffy but this will do for just making it up in my head off a memory of a friend's from 30 years ago when I was a kid. 

But for now, this was fun.  I've got some more stuff to build that I'll show in the days upcoming.

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