Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Given to another....

If a man doesn't receive a gift, it will be given to another.   If a man falls from his position, it will be given to another.  Kind of like if a light bulb burns out, it will be replaced....

The Lord has always operated this way. 

Judas fell, his place was given to Mathias, for example.  David fell from his exaltation, and his wives were given to another - who would have had to receive them, and so on.

I just thought it interesting, there is a covenant associated with this land.  But those who inhabited it before did not abide by it.  And so the land was given to another. 

There is a record of the people of this land and covenants that have long been lost in those records.  But those who inherited and were the stewards of them did not abide by them.  Therefore the records were taken from Manasseh, given to the Gentiles to ttranslate and return to Manasseh with the Gentiles to bestow the blessings contained in them upon the head of Manasseh and preside over them so to speak. 

The significance of it all?  I don't fully understand it, but I do know that the warning is to us all to be faithful stewards of what we are given lest we fall and it be taken and given to another.

Lastly, I find it interesting in these last days, the devil is raising up armies, mobilizing militaries and such to kill and destroy.  Meanwhile the Lord is building up families and preparing us for an eternal increase and arming us with the priesthood. 

I just thought it ironic, the disparity eternally of how the one destroys and robs souls and cuts down posterity in a quest for temporal and temporary power that ends at death leaving the participants utterly unprepared to met God and unprepared for the eternal world.  Meanwhile the other, does not appear powerful at all, but prepares and increases eternally, is not understood by the darkness, and is foretold shall become as terrible as an army with banners.

I know I will live to see it.

Just....some thoughts.

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