Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Unexpected Angel...

I had one of the worst days ever and was grateful to be going home.  I stopped to pick up dinner for my family at a local restaurant.

I walked in to get it to go and there were three young men from "the hood" clearly exercising the extent of their intellect with the one-syllable-four-letter-words they knew in front of everybody and were getting rowdy.

I have no patience for riff-raff and will intervene and have no problems doing so.  If you've never been a cop or in the military you likely wouldn't understand that raised voices are a prelude to hostility and so is profanity and it sets most of us who were, on edge.  At the first hint of such things we are immediately "ready to go all the way" and start "assessing."

I was on the phone on my earpiece with a friend, I didn't have my kids, I looked around to see if anyone else was bothered.  The girls in there looked uncomfortable who were running the place.  I looked for the male manager to see if he was going to kick them out.   He was nowhere to be found. The other woman and her teenage daughter seemed to be managing find but keeping their distance.

I wasn't in the mood for a confrontation and wanted to continue my conversation with my friend, so I stepped out of the door into the cold night air and just watched through the glass where I could keep an eye on them and able to intervene as neccessary but so I wouldn't feel pressured to act because I was being bothered directly.

I have no love for such public displays because of the memories it brings back that resulted in death and destroyed souls, lives and families during my service of the military.  None and very little tolerance whatsoever.

And so....I watch and stand by and "ready."

As I stood outside in the cold talking to my friend feeling no love for who I was seeing and what I was seeing, I kept watching the three young men.

As I looked in one of their eyes, suddenly my heart stopped.

Beyond the rough "hood" exterior, behind his eyes, I saw the spirit child of God in him, wandering without direction, knowing not what to do, knowing not what he did do.

I gasped and couldn't speak and actually stuttered.

Here was a man who fought in the war in heaven on the same side as me now before me in a fallen form for want of the same light we had before we came here so we could gain more. 

And here, from wherever we fought together across so many miles distant across space, suddenly here....our paths crossed.

The spirit hit me and I felt overwhelmed with love and compassion for my brother. 

Suddenly I knew as I watched him that everything was going to be.....okay.

They got rowdier but I is going to be okay.

As they prepared to leave, I opened the door and held it for them and they seemed a bit surprised.  One of them thought I was going in and held the door for me in return.

They wandered off with their food still laughing.

I had just got done with one of the worst days ever in my profession.

And suddenly I found my heart softened on my worst day by an angel dressed as a hooligan and acting like a fool with his friends..

I know he has an eternal destiny and is here for a purpose just like me to fulfill his potential.

And I was grateful I met him.  To see him as he really is and past the facade.  Maybe some day  he'll know who he is like I did for a moment.

I hope so.

I wish him and his friends the best.

He unexpected angel. 


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