Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Death: Brilliant Move!

Watching "Sleepy Hollow" always lends time to contemplate the nature of evil and forces of darkness in this world.

Why is it that Colonial Puritan New England is always depicted as being so grey and gloomy?  Like, who would want to head over here for religious freedom if it's always so grey and dark and you're always gonna have headless horsemen chasing you around on your Saturday stroll?  Or a trip to the marketplace might find you accused of being a witch because your carrots grew in an obscene shape before you could sell them?

Ah, but that was just one thought I had as I watched the movie.

The other thought was about how brilliant it is for God to create death as the penalty for sin.

Think about it.

We're in a war between God and Satan.

God has a body, Satan does not.   As a part of his punishment, Satan will never get a body.   But oh, how he wants ours!  He even declared to God he would take the spirits that followed him and possess the bodies God created for Adam and Eve.  (Possession is 9/10ths of the law). 

Having an embodied host would make the satanic forces like God in their war against righteousness.

But in mortality, if we choose evil, choose to sin - poof - death.  We cannot retain our bodies that make us like God while embarking on a devilish conquest against God.

The very thing Satan wants is instantly denied him by virtue of his very nature and the price of discipleship of his followers.

Brilliant move on God's part, doncha think?

Well....I thought it was good.

OH!  And the only one who can undo it is God, by virtue of the one man who never did sin.  Oh, and just for a bonus, you're in a worse state than before you got your body because you're also cast away from the presence of God.

God will not be mocked.

Although I do think a veil over Satan could be amusing...

The other thing I was thinking was how in the New Testament, Jesus was accused of casting devils out of possessed people by the power of Satan.  He asked how could Satan cast out Satan? 

The crowd fell silent.

Fools.  They weren't geniuses like me.   Cuz *I* thought of the answer to this question.

Maybe the demons were just "going along with it" as a facade to make it LOOK like someone had power of God when it was really power of Satan in an effort to build support for their side?  Hmmm? 

Pretty brilliant, isn't it?  Yah, I know, that's why I'm going to be genius-ruler-of-the-universe someday.

Until it dawned on me.   Satanic forces are kind of like....spiritually defective retarded.  Almost like their brains are malfunctioning - having stood in the presence of God and they still didn't get it.

Being denied a body and cut off from one eternally, do we really think that having possessed a body they'd be willing to leave it just to gain support for their cause?

No way, dude!  They finally achieved their goal that Satan declared at the time of the fall that they would possess bodies. (Possession's 9/10ths of the law).   They aren't going to just give that up.  Noooo way!

Guess the evil crowd tempting Jesus and probably condemning themselves to hell while doing it were a bit brighter on this one than I was.  Maybe you had to be there to hear him say it and he just said it differently in person in such a way that they got it right when he said it.

One other thing.  I've noticed one thing about Satan is he never can just quietly leave.  Kind of like how you or I would might walk out of a building to go run an errand or just leave after we got fired (escorted out of the building with your stuff thrown at you)?  Yah, I'm kind of convinced Satan is incapable of that.  He always leaves begrudgingly and glares at everyone before he goes, or he screams or throws things or rants or does some teeth gnashing before he goes on his way.

Kinda immature.

Anyways, these are my late night movie thoughts.  I think "Sleepy Hollow" is rated PG-13, if it isn't don't judge me for it, I'm old enough, and I'll repent.  

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