Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If You Have To Apologize...

You know, I hate the gender issues in our society.

But they come up a lot in my profession.

At any rate, I'm not so sure this is a gender issue so much as it is a relevant question about family relationships that came up this evening.  It seems to me, professionally, that men bear more of the brunt of accusations and being faulted in family relationships more often in the media, therapy and legal settings.  I did see this in law enforcement for example - domestic violence?  Doesn't matter if she hit him first and started it, she stays in the house, he goes to jail or someplace else (in the military this is the case, this varies in different states, but can you imagine if it was the man gets the house and to stay?  Can you see the outrage if even one single state had that policy in place?  Yet....we see it in America against a nation that screams about "gender equality."  If we didn't scream about gender equality, I suppose I wouldn't think it as notable.).  Custody hearings are overwhelmingly tilted towards the mother, right or wrong.

But it got me thinking about the priesthood in those instances where it is automatically assumed the male is wrong.  How can a man preside, lead and bless his family if he constantly has to apologize and always admit that he is wrong?   If there isn't equal accountability and responsibility in the relationship, how can a man lead, preside and bless his family as a priesthood holder if he is always apologizing, and his spouse escapes culpability and responsibility for her role and effects in and on the relationship?  How can she be blessed?

How can anybody be blessed if they excuse themselves from the relationship?

It makes me think of the Lord's saying "If ye are not one, ye are not mine."


Now, the priesthood holder is under greater responsibility to repent so he can bless his family, but having repented, he cannot lead if he is always being faulted - what is there to lead?  How can blessings be received? Akin to a bishop being faulted by his congregation or church members not supporting their leaders. 

It was just a thought on disparity of perception and response and its impact.

Just a thought. 

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