Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slow Down and Enjoy Reading This.

Life's a rush in our harried age.  We have microwaves, TV dinners, fast food, quick-e-marts, overnight shipping - every modern convenience in life.  Yet, despite the increase in time and convenience, I might submit that we take less enjoyment out of life.  

How can we enjoy life when we are always in a rush?  When every task demands it be done quickly rather than being done to perfection?

How can we heal the soul and our spirits and bodies when we exhaust every last measure of our time and ability in a mad rush for speed to accomplish more and more, yet achieve less and less?

Where is the joy?  Where is the fulfillment?  Where and what is "progress" anymore?  What is progress when it leaves its creators spiritually famished and physically destitute?

How long did it take the Lord to create the world?  How often did he tell us to rest? How long does it take a seed to grow to a beautiful flower or wonderful tree?
ever stop and contemplate these?  today?  Or something like it? When did you last appreciate them?

The Lord can see microseconds and subatomic particles, not a sparrow falls to the ground without his notice, and the hairs of your head are numbered, yet....he works in eternities and lifespans.

How many children does Heavenly Father have?  Yet, when I pray I feel him answering me individually and personally as if I am the only one talking to him.  How he does it, I don't know, and I don't think I need to, but there is a lesson there.

Slow down.  Do one thing at a time.  And whatever you do, do it well. "Take no thought for the things of the morrow..."

As I've forced myself to slow down and focus on one thing at a time, suddenly, a life that has overwhelmed me and had me sinking for years has purpose and meaning.

Minor things that we might not think that important - pillow case on my wife's pillow, give a child a pat on the head and a hug before walking out the door, taking time to produce nice handwriting on a letter, taking a moment to enjoy my indoor garden I am growing, watching my fish for a moment, consciously putting things away when I walk in the font door - everything has a place....rather than being in a hated race.

Small details are making my world survivable but also fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying.

It is not meet that we should run faster than we are able, but as I've slowed down to enjoy life and focus on it rather than being overwhelmed by it, I've found life much more enjoyable, I build and do better in life, and I'm able to achieve more in my family thereby. 

Slow down!  Tomorrow will take care of its self.  Do more by doing fewer things faster and more things better and enjoying it.

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