Sunday, January 5, 2014

Take Your Four Points And....

I am a holder of the priesthoods of God.  I am ordained as was Aaaron under Moses' hand.  

I have authority to say "Thus saith the Lord" and my ordinances are binding in both heaven and on earth.

I boast not of my self, these are not things I aspired to, neither would I have ever asked them be given to me when first I learned of them.  But I will bear witness of them because that is the covenant I am under to hold them.   All of this in mind:

Today I saw a man I admire in politics share a four-point-plan for 2014 from a sermon he heard and I found myself becoming irritable at the notion.

I grow weary of pastors who try to sugar coat the path of discipleship for their parishoners and congregations in exchange for money.

Four points this.  Three part plan that.  One single truth to remember.  An easy plan.

We're talking about discipleship here!  We're talking about inheriting the kingdom of God.

It isn't going to be earned, nor understood on a four point plan or some cutesy sermon.  Never!  No!

We're talking discipleship here. That requires a LIFETIME of dedication.  A LIFETIME of study.  A LIFETIME of devotion.  Sacrifice.  Discipline.  It costs everything.

I'm so tired of people who are so ashamed of the words of God that they try to shield the would-be followers from the demands of discipleship.  It might cost you your life at some point to be a disciple!

Look around!  You think four points or three points or one truth is going to get you through everything that's coming at us?  You think watered down sermons that tickle the ears and appeal to pride are going to save people?

How about 80,000+ young men and women ages eighteen and nineteen from around the world who sacrifice college scholarships, jobs, Olympic aspirations, sports achievements, relationships, family relationships, and at their own expense to leave for two years to serve in a foreign land in the name of the Lord without receiving a single dime and doing it for sixteen hours a day 366 days a year with 8 hours off 1 day a week to do laundry and write a letter before they go back to work?  How about that kind of dedication?

How about families who save for years and sacrifice health and comfort just to participate ONCE in a single ordinance in the Lord's temple that may be a continent or several countries away that they will never get to participate in again?

How about some inspiration and truth that evokes that kind of dedication before you pass the plate?  What did they get for the money you took?  No, I wanna know!  I have my authority, where is yours?  You may claim inspiration but you do not have revelation.

"Their creeds are an abomination in my sight, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof."

There are sixty six books in the Protestant Cannon and most of their followers have never read it all the way through, the leaders paid universities and governments for their "authority" and they have never been taught by the holy spirit.  Had they been, they would hold the same authority I have and have received it the same way.

So take your talking points, your watered-down-watery speeches and keep them and quit charging money for them and pretending you don't because you sell nothing compared to what they are going to need and what there is to be had.  It is priestcraft is what it is.

You want salvation?  You can't buy it.  And tickling your ears with a bunch of feel-good rhetoric isn't going to get you there either.  It is going to cost you.  Everything.  You.  Have.  Until your death.  Your life.  Your time.  Your family.  Your mind.  Your heart.  The surrendering of your secular values and the opinions of men about you and any worldly praise you might have gotten.  You're going to have to be worthy of that sacrifice that cost the best blood of this earth.

And a four point plan, or a cutesy flow chart.....just isn't going to do it.  And God is not the author of them.

In Jesus name I testify.

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