Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Thoroughness Is Satisfaction

agates turned to marbles in the sunlight from moving a mountain?
In listening to Elder F. Enzio Busche's BYU devotional, he gave a profound piece of advice.  He said we shouldn't be so concerned with what we do but whatever we do, to give it our all.

"In thoroughness is satisfaction."

I have felt overwhelmed by life.  Literally paralyzed by anxiety and being overwhelmed as I cope with our life's circumstances. No time to do anything because I couldn't do everything.  Everything remained undone, and so I couldn't do anything more.

Until I heard this.  "In thoroughness is satisfaction."

I know I've written it before but suddenly life seems fuller and not in the overwhelming way.  I's better.

How do you move a mountain? 

One stone at a time.   And maybe enjoy looking at the stones as you move them.  Lot's of agates and precious stones in a mountain, you know.

But he said "in thoroughness is satisfaction."   Not in "having it all done."  Not in "having nothing to do." 

No.   In thoroughness.

Tonight I noticed we had two jars of garlic dill pickles.  I condensed them to one and freed up space in my fridge as I made my lovely wife a yummy sandwich.  My fridge is a bit cleaner and wife is a bit happier. 

In thoroughness is satisfaction.

I condensed all my ties to a single coat hanger the other day.  Why not? I had a few minutes just to enjoy seeing the ties I've collected over twenty years of tie wearing (yes, some are twenty years old and still quite good looking!) I filled my change jar with the money from my safe and set up a bit of a savings in pennies the other day.  I made an arrangement for my shoes so they aren't ever lost.  My keys and cell phone and wallet and security passes and psychology badges all have a place they now go when I come home and I spend some time when I come home transitioning to being home rather than throwing everything everywhere when I get home.   Coats hung up.  A meal garnished with just a "bit extra" because I can.  Something nice for my wife because she deserves it even if its just a bit of an extra trip?  Why not?  

Yes, suddenly it is I who am directing life rather than life paralyzing and directing me.

How do you move a mountain?   One stone at a time.

Everything in life isn't perfect.  But as you move your mountains, one stone at a time, even if it is only one stone, you're much closer to finishing than if you never moved any because there were too many.

One stone at a time, and they move. 

In thoroughness is satisfaction.  I wish I could lend more words to this and give it a deeper meaning at the end of it, but for now I will simply have to say that for is much better.  In thoroughness is satisfaction.

Next up?  Trusting my own spiritual compass as to who I am, why I'm here, where I'm going, what my purpose is and honing in on that key word of the gospel and life: "Remember."

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  1. Thanks for the post. Just what I needed today! Things feel a bit clearer.


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