Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is Life Eternal - Lessons from Ether

There is much in the Book of Mormon hidden in plain sight.

If we but open our eyes and our ears and hearts to understand.  Otherwise, we are as the Nephites in 3 Nephi 11 who heard the words of the Lord twice before they opened their ears to hear what was being spoken to them.

In Ether, it is interesting that Jared saw the finger of the Lord because of his faith, but he saw the Lord himself and was redeemed because of his knowledge.

This coincides with John 17:3 - that this is life eternal to know God.

Interestingly in Ether with Jared seeing the Lord, this is yet another testimony of the LDS concept of life-before-birth as spoken in Jeremiah 1.

Well, the book of Mormon testifies that what is in the bible is true and it restores many plain and precious truths that were taken out by the great and abominable church.

Well, I also didn't know that the urim and thummim that Joseph Smith used were the same ones used by the brother of Jared in Ether that he was given by the Lord.

Those stones were thousands of years old and now, they are again in the Lord's servants' hands.

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