Friday, February 14, 2014

Watch Very Closely, And I'll Give You......Nothing!

Did you know that the USA spends as much on national defense as the next sixteen nations in the world combined, and fifteen of those are allies?

I promise you peace, happiness, ALL OF YOU!
Currently the government is increasing its ability to build a 1984-type surveillance network that wishes to extend its tentacles into every facet of American life that George Orwell couldn't even dream of.

While politics and politicians on either side are saying "WE NEED A LAW FOR THIS!" and "WE NEED A LAW TO STOP THAT!" and "WE NEED GOOD POLITICIANS!!!"  The public clamors and runs around from this platform to that like fools at a carnival, "WE NEED BETTER LAWS!"

No we don't.

Laws do no good for an immoral people who don't believe in the law or don't understand it.

We don't need to spend more time capturing more people, punishing more people, trying more people.

It isn't what is needed.

Neither are the laws we currently have with our military and police forces the laws that are failing us.

That's not what's needed either.

I am a mental health professional and I work with convicted sex-offenders in their treatment in a mental hospital.  People clamor to have them "register" for the rest of their life so that they can know there's someone who committed a sexual offense living next-door thinking that it will keep their communities safer.

Right.....and what if he doesn't want to register?

Now are you in more danger than if he did register?  Say he did and still decides to go on a rampage?  Did registering stop him?  It happens.  Are you going to stay up all night with an AK-47 trained on his house and exhaust yourself in eternal vigilance against the pervy guy who you know is just waiting to assault you in your driveway on your way to work?

(Registration actually doesn't have any impact on relapse of sex offenders and less than 6% ever re-offend and remembering that the range of sexual offenses can even be statutory with a 17 year old. The relapse rate for assualt, drunk driving, financial exploitation etc,. are all multiple times higher and harm millions more but....I guess those are okay, we're fine with those - you can punch my face just don't touch my bum?)

I am by no means justifying or defending sexual offenses.  If I supported them, I sure as heck would not be treating them. For all my supposed closed-minded religious bigotry I don't see the liberal crowd turning out in droves to work with them.

My point?  We keep outsourcing our protection and safety to others, schools, police departments, militaries, navies, armies, government officials instead of taking responsibility for our own lives as our founders envisioned and as God has commanded us.

Wanna keep your kids safe from sexual predators?  Raise them to know what is right and wrong behavior, to have a good sense of self esteem, teach them not to date too early, how to date when they do, monitor what they watch, know their friends - that does more than some stupid list with a sex-offender's address on it which just generates hysteria and even the police can't patrol in front of his house 24/7.

The laws that are needed?  Well, ten of them were carved on stone tablets a few thousand years ago.  We keep outlawing those laws while trying to re-invent them and then saying it is oppressive to mention them, it is offensive to teach them and divisive, but we lock people up in prison for not abiding by those or other laws.

Having been in law-enforcement I understand the need for it, and I respect that.  But I also understand its limitations.  More laws aren't going to raise your kids for you.  More police aren't going to save your marriage.  More government action isn't going to save your soul.  More surveillance isn't going to instill the morals that it is intended to catch.  Nope.  Neither is more surveillance in an immoral society going to protect you from the immorality of surveillance and a corrupt system that sees nothing higher than the state.

Smoke and mirrors.  We've been told to keep our eye on the cards in the magician's hand that we paid good money to see, but we shouldn't be watching anything, we need to be home taking care of our families.

And when it is over, I will have shown you.....nothing.  And you will have paid for it.  And not know what I did.
So, Republicans or Democrats?  Rush Limbaugh speaking louder?  Sean Hannity having a TV and a radio show?  More newspapers?

No, that isn't what is needed, and I testify those aren't going to save us.

What is needed has to be in the hearts and lives of the people and it comes from above.  It can't be bought, it can't be sold,  it can't be invented with a PR department with "Spin" and you can't re-vamp it to make it more trendy.

It is the gospel of peace and it has more than glitz or glam can ever provide. 

It is my testimony that soon, very soon, and within my lifetime and the lifetime of my children, all the rest of these institutions, political parties and laws are going to fail and only the priesthood and its precepts and those upheld and inspired by God are going to remain.  And only with it, and with it only, will there be peace found.

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