Monday, March 24, 2014

Bio. Psycho. Social. Spiritual!

In mental health there is what is called the biopsychosocial model, used to describe the three components of a human being as related to mental health.

You have biology - and even a thought is a physical action because thoughts are the firing of neurons, so that biology affects mental health.  Drugs?  Age?  Damage?  Idleness?  All affect mental health.

Psychology - affects mental health.  How we think of things.  Our ability to process information.

Social - our environment and relationships affect us too.  Abusive mother?  Gonna do some damage.  Bullying?  More damage.  Healthy friendship?  Gonna be a strength.

All three of these are inter-related and overlap with each other. Interesting the commandments of God are related to all three areas.

But what of the spiritual?  I thought of this yesterday.  It seemed something was missing when this thought came to me related to my personal life and personal well being.

Is spirituality all encompassing?  Or is it its own area like the other three?  Does it overlap?  Slow down if you thought "Well yes!" or "no!" without really thinking.  There could be more than one way to look at this.  That's the key in mental health is to understand all the different ways something can be looked at, the strengths of each, and how each model is related to each other. 

What, according to the scriptures, is man made of?  Body, spirit and intelligence. How do those overlap and relate?  You don't get any points for simply answering, you have to demonstrate a command of the subject, show insight into it, and be able to defend your work as well as answer your critics before they have questioned you.

What's my point?  I don't know that I have one other than this is a muse.  But I do believe when spirituality is taken care of, the rest takes care of its self.  I think this world is set up to tempt us to neglect the spirit to care for the biology - even to preserve our life or satisfy a craving.  President Monson has said that prayer will do more to prevent, cure and maintain things in our lives than any thing else.  Seeings how we were spiritual before we were temporal, it would seem that feeding our inner selves first, connecting ourselves to the Eternal Standard - God - via the spirit would be a great place to start with everything else.

Just something I'm working on in my mind.  What do you think? 

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