Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gods of Steel to Protect Us

A long time ago I lived a far different life than I do now.

I was a sailor in the United States Navy.

Like my father and his fathers and their brothers before him.

There was a proud heritage there, for sure.  America's freedom was at stake and my family rose to the call to defend liberty.

Yes, that is truly a sight to behold.  If you have never beheld a US Navy battle group arming up, weighing anchor and going to war - well - it is a sight to behold unlike any other.  Tens of thousands of men and millions of tons of steel and bombs and bullets and satellites and fighter aircraft and submarines and hovercraft and helicopters and amphibious assault craft and Marines all coordinated together to accomplish a single mission and to be able to do so in an hour's notice....?

Oh, how many men of the world would have loved that power in history.  The Roman Empire could only dream.

But what of it?

Is this really the art we came to earth to learn?   War is a necessary evil, especially when another declares you to be his adversary and leaves you no choice.  But is this really the pinnacle of technology and man's achievement?  More sophisticated and efficient ways of killing each other while keeping from being killed?   With us on "this side" this week and "that side" next week....paying these people not to kill us and making a deal with that group next month while newspapers try to explain some foolish secretary of state's words away to make the government sound competent?

Is this really what God put us on earth to do?

Or perhaps, this is what man does when left unchecked.

I'm not really in favor of war but I'm definitely opposed to defeat.

But I keep reading these quotes from the church leaders related to war and the mentality of our age and it becomes increasingly clear to me that....well....I think war has become a business. I can hear the conspiracists leaping to their feet with loud "Huzzas" and "Hear! Hear!"s.  But...the misery of souls pays very well, especially if you are on the side inflicting the misery.  So does training them for war so their minds cannot any more feel the things of the spirit.  But we will hand them medals as compensation, call them patriots......and what of it all?

I've been told I was exploited by my military service because I was young and didn't know what I was doing.  Well....if the other side has young men ready to kill, might wanna get some of your own as well to defend against it, and who really knows what's going on anyways?  Not the liberal elite. The only corner market they have is on chaos and mass confusion. Not much truth there.  I know.  I checked.  I was educated there and have an advanced degree pending from there and in my profession I get to define reality for the masses.

It's bogus - the sophistry of men mingled with scripture - to put it politely.  Damnable lies and foolishness otherwise. 

My point?  Maybe I don't have one.  Maybe I just have a muse.  But my muse is, how foolish is it to put your trust in a god of steel and hope and pray your strategy is enough to counter the enemy's god of steel while ignoring the very enemy that climbed down the TV antennae and took your kids brain's hostage and sold your grandchildren into moral slavery 20 years before they were even born while you paid for it and called it "freedom of expression"?

I guess it all depends on what you want to protect. 

Just a late night thought.

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