Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not Entertaining

Ever been to a minefield?

Ever pulled someone out of one?

Or rescued someone from one?

Or been in one?

Or watched someone come through one?


Well.....I'm watching "The Hunger Games" on Netflix and.....I don't find it entertaining.  It makes me ill actually.   Human carnage is not entertaining.

Especially after you've seen it done for profit or real-life entertainment.

But that's....just me. 

I know there are things I know as a vet that others will never comprehend.  I would rather they didn't.  You don't need to see those things to value human life or to appreciate our creation or the beauty of another human being.

The truth is, this kind of carnage and brutality portrayed in this movie has been present for millenia and even now I counsel rapists who suffer from mental illnesses and some of the crimes involved letting the women run for it before capturing them and others debated on whether or not to let them live......I deal with this stuff in reali life.

And now in our civilized age we watch it on film.  Because we're not really doing it, right?  We're just watching it on film.....right?  We wouldn't really do that, right?   Just watching it on film isn't the same thing, right?

Stanley Milgram proved otherwise.

Unfortunately in my case I've already seen it and....I'm supposed to be culturally "enlightened".....

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