Monday, March 31, 2014


As I'm reading my scriptures three times daily, I've begun to notice a difference in my life over the past week or so that I've done this. 

My faith is beginning to increase to where I'm not feeling the tribulations of life as much anymore.  Oh, I still have tribulations of heart and mind and spirit, but I'm beginning to have the faith to get through them.

Does that mean I have everything I want?  Not at all.  But now as I'm reading regularly I'm finding answers that I need to get through my life, my prayers are becoming richer - I am feasting upon the word of the Lord. 

It has been wonderful getting my children to slow down to read on their own with me.  I've felt more comfort where before I've felt despair regarding school.  I've been told that if we memorize a scripture daily it improves our memory - I was told that in a blessing as well - I'm willing to try it.

At any rate, the scriptures say again and again if we are faithful we will prosper in the land.  We're also told we will draw closer to God by this book (The Book of Mormon) than any other.  So I guess, if you wish to prosper, draw closer to God.  And if you prosper then you can help others.  And then by helping others you have greater joy in the life to come.

I'm approaching my forties now - I guess I'm over halfway through my life now and just now settling on what I want to do for a profession.  I guess if I'm going to make something of myself now is the time to do it.  And I guess that reading the Book of Mormon is going to help me do it.

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