Thursday, April 3, 2014

And They'll Feast Feast Feast

me until oh-so-recently
After resolving to read my scriptures daily, and then three times a day, and then five times a day (Three personal at each meal time / around each meal time, one family, one with my wife) I have learned a great lesson.

This is what we are supposed to be doing.

We have all heard it said that if you only read one scripture a day that you will receive the benefit of having read.  But this is truly a minimalist approach and mentality.  A single scripture is better than none.

But if we were a missionary and committed to only knocking on one door a day - would we be doing what we are supposed to?

Could we benefit the world by knocking on one door?

Undoubtedly, but that isn't what we were sent to do.  Not with the work that needs to be done. 

Can we make a god out of a single scripture a day? 

The answer is "no, we cannot."

Is the workman of the Lord's disciples he who asks "What is the least I can do to receive the benefit and glory?"   No, he is not.

I have tried reading my scriptures in times of tribulation and temptation but I have found that they simply do not have the effect that reading them five times a day has when I read them only when I'm troubled.  And then I felt discouraged even more as it seemed that God was not helping me when I was doing what I thought I needed to do.

This is akin to the doctor telling you to take a full scope of treatment and only doing 1/8th of it and then complaining that the doctor is a quack.

I have found now I have the spirit with me more, the scriptures are opened to me more, I am receiving answers to my prayers and I am receiving promptings and comfort where before it seemed there was only silence, frustration, despair and hopelessness.  

that's me, in the green and red....
I have been counseled to allow the words of the prophets to comfort me - now it is finally happening.  You really do have to feast upon the words of the Lord.

There is much much much in first Nephi I have never seen before that has brought me great comfort and instead of scripture study being a chore, it is where I turn to for my comfort and find myself longing to go when my heart is troubled.   Truly the Lord has spoken to us in these last days by the Book of Mormon - another Testament of Jesus Christ.

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