Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Modern Day Korihor

I actually discovered a Modern Day Korihor amidst the church who has a work that is intended to deceive and fits perfectly into the LDS theology to lead LDS members astray!

I started reading his work before I really knew what it was and found myself intrigued.  As I consulted with another priesthood holder and compared it to what I knew to be true, I detected that it was really of Satan and that this work had a form of godliness but sought to undermine the work of the latter days.  It was a pretty evil-inspired work, very very sneaky.   And it sought to reclaim us much like Korihor and was trying to save us from distorted teachings yet.....had so many its self.

I won't say where it is or what it was, but I will say, if things don't come through proper church channels - through the Lord's channels - then we can be assured it isn't of God if it purports to be from God.

Perhaps that's what I need to look at first before I go reading things.

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