Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best Nighttime Tisane (Herbal Tea) For Sleep & Stress Relief (Without a Prescription).

I use tisanes (/tiˈzan,-ˈzän/)(herbal teas) for health and relaxation.  Tisane is a concoction made by steeping other herbs other than the tea leaf (camellia sinensis) and can include flowers, roots, and other dried plant parts in general. I use the word tisane for two purposes: one, someone will freak out about me drinking "tea", and two, it really is called tisane despite the colloquial usage of the words "herbal tea."

I found a blend that really just tastes fantastic but also does wonders for anxiety and stress.  Some of the ingredients can be pretty potent and....don't require a prescription.

When buying herbs for tisane, you want them fresh.  Often, when buying them in a box from the supermarket, the herbs may be several months old, having already lost much of their potency.  This in mind, if you can find  an herbarium that sells herbs near you, often they will have fresher goods than in a box at the store - or you can order them online.  Additionally, they may be much cheaper by volume.  Tisanes bought from an herbarium may run around $1-5/oz., but when you buy them in the packets at the store, stale and months old, they can run $20/oz. when you finish running the calculations for mass.  One ounce of herbs for tisane is a LOT (depending on the herb).

Anyways, the blend I get is already pre-blended, but I add some other stuff to it as well.  I make it to taste, and I bought a tea-pot that has a tea press inside it exactly like this one shown here.  This way, I make a pot and it will last generally about three days, with a glass before bedtime re-heated in the microwave.  Steeping the herbs for a day or two really releases their flavor and potency.

Assam tea press.

So, blend to taste and desire but my tisane has the following in it:

St. Johns Wort
Valarian Root
Licorice Root

I go heavy on the Valarian Root and Catnip, for their relaxing properties and the Licorice Root for taste, though its flavor is more infused by the 2nd day.

Additionally, I throw in an herbal tea packet of a mint medley into the pot to lighten up the flavor a bit more and produce a mint flavor as well (sometimes I put a lemon, orange, cinnamon or apple cider mix in, but my favorite is mint).

Then when I pour my tisane I add a shot of vanilla soy milk, and a bit of brown sugar to taste.  I haven't put a slice of lemon on the side yet, or lime (I prefer limes over lemons) though if you add real milk, the lemon/lime juice will mix with the milk, curdle it and make it into little cottage-cheese-like-globules in your tisane.  So, caveat emptor.  But otherwise.....

PRESTO!  A cup of relaxation that can actually knock you on your butt and help you have sweet dreams, but also significantly decrease your stress.  And without a prescription and no W.O.W. issues.

Now, what to do with all this?  Well.....if you took this to an herbarium, most likely they'll have all this right there in one-stop shopping.  You can also get different kinds of tea-infusers, but I got tired of having to blend for every single glass and found that steeping them overnight produced a better blend anyways, but for me?  This is way is a part of my night-time routine right after family scripture study.

Ahhhhh - every herb of the field.....ordained for the use of man.


  1. One time I made some tea (herbal, from a box from the store)- it was a berry blend, quite tasty! Well, I accidentally left it sitting overnight. The next morning, it was DELISH! I love my tea with flavor!

    1. For flavored medleys (I love licorice root flavor and mint, the apple and orange spices are good too!) the ones in the boxes are pretty darned good. I haven't experimented with a dehydrator yet (we just got one the other day) to make my own blends, but for the medicinal properties, fresh is better. And, YES! Steeping them overnight! Makes them excellent! Thanks for reading!


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