Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scared. A Warning Voice.

Well, those of you who read regularly know I've set a requirement to read my scriptures daily, and if at all possible, I read them three times daily while I eat.

I just got back from a camping trip.  I finished Alma, Helaman, 3 Nephi, 4 Nephi, Mormon, Ether, Moroni in 3 days.

I have never come away from the scriptures scared as to what we don't know, what we haven't accepted and pursued and what awaits us if we aren't diligent as I did this weekend.

We as a church, too often, are like the Nephites.  We figure we are baptized, we served a mission....or not (God will forgive us, right?) and go through the most sacred of ordinances and covenants more as hollow ritual than sacred duty - and that......was why they were destroyed in the most awful fashion.  They boasted of their own strength, figuring "we are the chosen ones" and in the end....they were literally hunted down in genocide and killed in manners that rival and even exceed the European Holocaust.  And the warnings, most particularly of Mormon and Moroni are to us, the Saints of the Latter Days and us - the Gentiles (from whence we came), that we face the same judgements and fate as they did if we do not repent.

I have started on the Doctrine and Covenants and realized now more than ever, the Lord is not trifling with us. 

We, as a nation, the Gentiles and the United States of America, are "in" the Book of Helaman as far as our wickedness goes.  Established after leaving our motherland for freedom - like Lehi (Pilgrims), having left wickedness, we formed a new nation through revolution, which was nearly overthrown through civil war, and later through global world wars which we held up under, and now, all else having failed to overthrow us.....the government is being overthrown from within by wickedness and corruption from within, secret combinations and secret societies, secret courts, secret hearings, kill orders, lies constantly from our government......

We are ripe for destruction!

What struck me the most from reading so much so fast are some of the following:

I think Mormon's death was the most tragic of the book.    Having abridged so much, and put this work together for us, he fell in battle finally, a victim of the wars he tried to stop with his preaching, and tried to end with his military service - sealing his faith with his life.

His two epistles were very poignant to me which Moroni included - one which corrected Moroni for the disputations of infant baptism, and the other that told how evil both sides had become in the war that was sweeping the land and how they were torturing each other and murdering their women and children.  And as I read that,  I had a vision of our society, and saw how corrupt both sides had become. 

Our Republican party is as the Nephites - living the glory days of days gone by - now as corrupt as the enemy that seeks to overthrow our government and turning its back on God and calling its self "progress."

I saw that the ministers of our day, like Al Sharpton and Reverent Jackson and Jeremiah Wright (and our president who attended Jeremiah Wright's church) are evil men and who are held up by the media as pious and righteous men leading a worthy cause.  They stir up people to hate others, making men offenders for a word, they do not teach forgiveness, and teach pride and entitlement on the basis of race, and do so in the name of God thereby breaking the 3rd Commandment, taking the Lord's name and calling themselves his ministers by his name in vanity.  They are no more than Korihor and shall beg at the last day saying "Lord, Lord, did we not do all these things in your name" and he will say to them and those who follow them "I never knew you, depart from me ye workers of iniquity."

I saw how corrupt our media is and how our children soon will know nothing of God and will no more know right or wrong or know the God to whom they should turn.  Oh, it is a clever, clever, insidious plan.  They are ripening for destruction and calling it open-mindedness and education when in reality - they know nothing, nothing that will save them.  And above all, they know not the hearts of the men in their own land who are working against their souls, and they don't know by who or what forces they are led.

But they are going to fall, just as did the Jaredites, the Mulekites, the Nephites and later the Lamanites.

I saw how the secret combinations don't make people free but make them slaves - slave to the covenants and oaths of darkness of evil they have taken - and the Book of Ether more particularly warns us that when we see these things among us, the Gentiles, our time is at hand for destruction if we will not repent.

I saw what was in the sealed portions of the plates, or some of it so to speak, and found the Book of Ether to be the most interesting doctrinally as far as the warning voice goes to us in the last days.

Wow, so much, so so so much.  It was clear from the book that those who possessed this land before us had much more revealed to them than we have in our day, and there are clearly other doctrines that are in the Book of Mormon that Mormon chose to leave President Monson and Hinkley and Smith (et al.) to instruct us in so that we don't use the book to err in doctrine or in spirit.  There is a LOT in there.

It became clear to me this weekend, we don't know what we have as a church and that the Lord's condemnation of us in the Doctrine and Covenants for not reading and regarding the book is truly justified for being still in force.  The things that are in there and that the spirit showed me, I have never heard spoken or taught or even expounded in the scriptures in church and they are right there in front of us and have been since....1830.   I have had that book for 20 years, a patriarchal blessing since 1998 and I am just learning to use it - how lightly have I taken these things and not understood them!

Read it.  Read the book in 1 week all the way through.  I challenge you to.  Not next week.  Not some future week.  Not someday.  This week.  100 pages a day.  And see what you see.  You can't read that much and not have the Savior's appearance not take your breath away  in 3 Nephi 11.

The Nephite prophets and warriors such as Chief Captain Moroni - weren't just waging war against the Lamanites.  They were waging war for the Lamanites' souls.  They didn't delight in bloodshed and could have killed far more than they did but didn't want to send them out of the world unprepared to meet their Maker, and so, they were merciful whenever they could be, to best benefit their brethren's souls.

Above all what stuck out the most to me was how the book ended.  Moroni, his father having been killed in battle by their enemies the Lamanites, writes a few epistles and a few more instructions and finishes the last chapter to the very enemy who killed his father, his family - and his people - having fallen by both their own wickedness and by the enemy, knowing the prophesies given by his father Lehi, and even those given by Zenos who is quoted and referred to several times - begins the last chapter with a letter essentially like this to the enemy:

"My brethren the Lamanites, when this comes to you, I pray that I meet you before the judgement bar of God someday and that you have been saved by Him through his Son, Jesus Christ...."

Moroni 10, is a summary of the entire Book of Mormon and the outline of the requirements for salvation.

At any rate, I finished the book realizing just how lightly I've taken the commandments of God, and how quickly I justify my self in my transgressions and excuse myself in not fulfilling the simplest things the Lord has commanded me (home teaching, anyone?)

But now, having taken the counsel Joseph Smith who said that a man will draw nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book - I now recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost and know where they come from much more clearly than before.

I do have two questions I'll pose here - why did Helaman finish "The Book of Alma" and Moroni finish "The Book of Mormon"?  Why, when Helaman took over did it not immediately become "The Book of Helaman" and when Moroni took over on his father's death in battle, not become "The Book of Moroni"? 

At any rate, I have been overcome by the spirit of what I have read, and I pray I repent and live faithful to the covenants and wisdom in the book.  But there is much more than I have time or space to write here so for now, this will do.

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