Saturday, August 30, 2014

Creating A God's Body & Being A Doctor for Free

The creation of our Lord's mortal tabernacle has been the subject of much speculation as to exactly "how" was Mary made pregnant with child.   I've heard some...interesting theories in the world of mormondom on the topic.

The Lord made Adam, and made Eve from Adam, and God could have easily made the Savior the same way Adam was made.  But from the creation of Adam, we see there are no limits to how the Lord can create life - so in the case of Mary, we needn't assume the Lord is limited, as we are, to how life can be created to suit the Lord's purposes.

As for the Lord healing people, certainly the Lord could have spoken the word and had all disease and illness eradicated from the world. In a single word.  But instead, people had to come to him and ask.  And then they were answered.  Much as it is with prayer and the blessings of the church.

Kind of like a doctor - I could think of the Savior's profession as being like that of a doctor or psychologist or something - and this was what he did full time.  He went around and healed people!  It was his skill.  His trade.  His profession!  And yet....for it?  He charged nothing.  Except that they ask for it.

The implications of this I haven't yet realized, but it is what I am reflecting on as I have started the New Testament in my daily scripture study. 

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